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The intersection of space and sustainability: the need for a transdisciplinary and bi-cultural approach

C. Varughese, L. Henry, A. Morris, S. H. Bickerton,

N. Rattenbury, C. Mankelow, A. Gorman,

S. Katavich-Barton, P. Dhopade

Acta Astronautica, 2023

(Re)emergence of Pūtaiao: Conceptualising Kaupapa Māori science

T. K. Moko-Painting and co-authors

Environment and Planning F, 2023

The high optical brightness of the BlueWalker 3 satellite

N. Rattenbury as co-author

Nature, 2023

Sustainability is often an afterthought in space exploration – that needs to change as the industry grows

P. Dhopade, C. Varughese, L. Henry, S. H. Bickerton, T. K. Moko-Painting

The Conversation, 2023

Lifecycle assessment as a tool for sustainable space activity in Aotearoa New Zealand

P. Dhopade, C. Mankelow, A. Morris and co-authors

Advances in Space Research, 2023

Protect Earth’s orbit:

Avoid high seas mistakes

I. Napper and co-authors

Science, 2023

Design and guidance of a multi-active debris removal mission

M. Wijayatunga and co-authors

Astrodynamics, 2023

Indigenous Astronomy: Best Practices and Protocols for Including Indigenous Astronomy in the Planetarium Setting

T.K. Moko-Painting as co-author

International Planetarium Society Conference Proceedings, 2020

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